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Nanophotonics, Organic Optoelectronics, Energy Materials
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Recent News

Our paper "Modification of Luminescence from Dual-Emission Molecules by Plasmonic Surfaces" by Zeqing Shen et al. was accepted for publication in The Journal of Physical Chemistry C.

Our paper "Optical and Electrical Properties of Organic Semiconductor Thin Films on Aperiodic Plasmonic Metasurfaces" by Zhongkai Cheng et al. was accepted for publication in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

Our patent "Phosphorescent Emitters and Extrinsic Method for Increasing Stability Thereof" was issued by the USPTO.

Our paper "Identification of the Local Electrical Properties of Crystalline and Amorphous Domains in Electrochemically Doped Conjugated Polymer Thin Films," by Hemanth Maddali et al., was accepted for publication in the journal RSC Advances.

Prof. O'Carroll gave an invited seminar at the University of Rochester in the Institue of Optics and Department of Chemistry on "The Impacts of Plasmonics on the Efficiency and Stability of Organic Optoelectronic Materials and Devices." Thank you to Prof. Jaime Cardenas and Prof. Kathryn Knowles for organizing the visit!

February 2020:
Two collaborative papers "Rational Design of a High-Efficiency, Multivariate Metal-Organic Framework Phosphor for White LEDs" and "Blending ionic and coordinate bonds in hybrid semiconductor materials"  were accepted for publication in Chemical Science and JACS. The work was led by the group of our collaborator Prof. Jing Li and included collaborations by Nasir Javed and Zeqing Shen.

January 2020:
Zhongkai Cheng received the Van Dyke Award from the CCB Department, which recognizes students for excellence in research. He also received the competative MRS Poster Award nomination at the recent MRS Fall 2019 Conference in Boston. Congrats Zhongkai!

Congratulations to Zhongkai on winning a CCB Travel Award in support of his research presentations at the upcoming MRS Fall Conference in Boston.

Prof. O'Carroll gave an invited seminar in the MEMS Department at Duke University on “Exciton-Plasmon Interactions in Thin Films and Metasurfaces.” Thank you to Prof. Payne for hosting!!

Our paper "Investigation of the role of polyol molecular weight in the polyol synthesis of silver nanoparticles," by Jill Tracey et al., has been published in Materials Research Express.

Prof. O'Carroll and collegues from Rutgers Newark visited Beijing for the first Peking University - Rutgers University Bilateral Symposium. Thank you to Prof. He and Prof. Tong for organizing the fantastic event!!

04/13/2019: Zhongkai's paper on "Influence of partially-oxidized silver back electrodes on the electrical properties and stability of organic semiconductor diodes" was accepted for publication in Organic Electronics.

Congratulations to Dr. Jill Tracey on her successful PhD defense!!

Prof. O'Carroll gave an invited talk at Northwestern University's Center for Light Energy Activated Redox Processes (LEAP) Symposium on "Plasmonic Metasurface Electrodes for Light Management in Excitonic Solar Cells."

Prof. O'Carroll gave an invited talk at
the 2019 MRS Spring Conference on “Exciton-Plasmon Coupling at Plasmonic Surfaces and Implications for Thin-Film Optoelectronics.

01/2019: Our book chapter on "Organic photonic nanostructures" was published in the Handbook of Organic Materials for Electronic and Photonic Devices.

Prof. O'Carroll gave an invited talk on "Plasmonic Metasurface Electrodes for Excitonic Solar Cells" at the 65th AVS International Symposium in Long Beach, CA.

Fall 2018:
Welcome to Xin Zhang who is visiting us from Jilin University for 4 months, and our new MSE undergraduate research assistant Vandana Gollarhalli.

Prof. O'Carroll gave an invited talk on "Metasurfaces for Improved Efficiency and Stability of Thin-Film Optoelectronic Devices" at the 2nd Annual Energy Harvesting Society Conference at Penn State.

Prof. O'Carroll gave a Keynote talk on "Metasurfaces for Light Management in Semiconductor Thin Films" at the 18th IEEE NANO conference in Cork, Ireland.

Our paper "Short-Wavelength Lasing-Spasing and Random Spasing with Deeply-Subwavelength Thin-Film Gain Media" by Jill Tracey, et al., was accepted for publication in the journal Advanced Functional Materials.

Spring-Summer 2018:
Welcome to our newest group members Kelsey, Nasir and Trystan.

Prof. O'Carroll gave an invited talk "Influence of Aperiodic Plasmonic Metasurfaces on Exciton-Plasmon Coupling and Thin-Film Light-Management" at the NSLS-II & CFN Users' Meeting at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Our paper "Plasmonic Sphere-on-Plane Systems with Semiconducting Polymer Spacers Layers" by Binxing Yu, et al., was accepted for publication in the journal Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.

Our paper "Aperiodic Porous Metasurface Mediated Organic Semiconductor Fluorescence" by Zeqing Shen, et al., was accepted for publication in ACS Photonics.

Congratualations to Catrice Carter and Zeqing Shen on your successful PhD defenses!! Best of luck in your future careers at Intel and Duke University.

Ankur Dalsania was awarded a prestigious Henry Rutgers Scholar Award from SAS for his honors senior thesis "Enhancing Organic Polymer Exciton-Plasmon Coupling for Applications in Optoelectronics." Congratulations and best wishes for med. school!

Prof. O'Carroll gave an invited talk on the "Influence of Conjugated Polymer Thin-
Film Morphology and Exciton-
Plasmon Coupling on Nanophotonic
Light Trapping and Light Extraction
" at the ACS PMSE Young Investigator Symposium during the Spring ACS National Meeting in San Francisco.

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The O'Carroll Group studies light generating and light harvesting processes in organic polymer semiconductor materials and plasmonic nanostructures. Our research has a number of uses such as: light-management in thin-film organic opto-electronic devices; optically-active electrodes; nanoscale optical devices; and environmentally-friendly electronics and photonics.

Research Topics:
  - Stability and efficiency of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs).

- Plasmonic metasurfaces for light management in thin-film optoelectronics.

- Exciton-plasmonic coupling.

- Nanolasers and SPASERs.

- Organic, excitonic and nanostructured solar cells.

- Photophysics of organic conjugated polymers.

- Large-area, low-cost nanofabrication.

- Visible-wavelength nanoantennas.

- Life-cycle assessment and costing of photonic materials and devices.
Selected Publications:
Influence of Partially-Oxidized Silver Back Electrodes on the Electrical Properties and Stability of Organic Semiconductor Diodes
Z. Cheng, et al., Org. Electron. 70, 179-185 (2019). 
Investigation of the role of polyol molecular weight in the polyol synthesis of silver nanoparticles
J. I. Tracey, et al., Mater. Res. Express 6, 115067 (2019). 
Short-Wavelength Lasing-Spasing and Random Spasing with Deeply-Subwavelength Thin-Film Gain Media
J. I. Tracey, et al., Adv. Funct. Mater. 28, 1802630-1-9 (2018). 

   Abstract Image
Aperiodic Porous Metasurface-Mediated Organic Semiconductor Fluorescence
Z. Shen, et al., ACS Photonics 5, 1215-1227 (2018).

   Graphical abstract: Plasmonic sphere-on-plane systems with semiconducting polymer spacer layers  
Plasmonic Sphere-on-Plane Systems with Semiconducting Polymer Spacer Layers
B. Yu, et al., Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 20, 11749-11757 (2018).

Ultrafast Charge Transfer and Enhanced Absorption in MoS2 - Organic van der Waals Heterojunctions using Plasmonic Metasurfaces
C. E. Petoukhoff, et al., ACS Nano 10, 9899-9908 (2016).

Cost, Energy and Emissions Assessment of Organic Polymer Light-Emitting Device Architectures
C. M. Carter, et al., J. Cleaner Prod. 137, 1418-1431 (2016).